Small Batch Jams & Jellies

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Small batch jams & Jellies

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Small Batch Jams and Jellies

Small Batch Jams & Jellies

At Das Jam Haus, our products are handcrafted in small batches — the same way they were when we opened our business in 1994. When you cook in large batches, cooking times increase, which tends to dull the rich flavor of your produce. Small batch cooking allows us to lock in the flavor for a fresh-from-the-field taste.

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There’s something unbeatable about homemade flavors, and that’s why everything we produce at Das Jam Haus is made by hand. We never add artificial colors or flavors, and you can always find real fruit chunks in our jams and jellies. When you work with the finest produce, you can lock in the natural vibrant color and taste — so that’s what we do!

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Browse our selection of jams, jellies, sauces, and preserves. Wholesale pricing is available by calling (423) 257-3460 or sending us an email here. We also wholesale different sizes of canning jars, which we ship nationwide.

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